Best Back Workout For A Wider Back W. The GODFATHER OF BODYBUILDING

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🧤Why I made this video: Building a big back is essential for an aesthetic physique. This back workout has a huge focus on back width and developing that highly coveted “v taper back” that will give you awesome overall aesthetics. If you want to build a big back and aren’t afraid to step outside of your comfort zone this is the workout for you. This back workout was from the legendary trainer Charles Glass, and was a high volume 24 set routine with many great back exercises for mass such as the high to low row, mid back row, several forms of lat pulldowns, and even moves that will strengthen the lower back erectors. Make sure you pay very close attention to the form on all of these back exercises and that you jot down the sets, reps, and rest time needed to get the most results from this back workout for mass. Try this workout and make sure you screenshot the entire workout at the very end of the video so you can copy the back workout and take it to the gym with you.

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