How to Develop Coconut Shoulders For Bodybuilding Shows | Jujimufu’s Tips & Exercises

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In this week’s video we’re back with Jujimufu, this time he’s going to show you how he transitioned his shoulder training for a bodybuilding show. Juji always gets great comments on how good his shoulders look on and off stage so tune in for some great tips on how to build a good set of big capped delts.

1) Machine lateral raises 3×20 (if not available go for dumbbells or cables)
2) Rear delt flyes on pec deck machine 3×20
3) Shoulder presses 4×8-10 (Viking presses mentioned in the vid)
4) Cable front raise on 45° bench 3×20
5) Overhead shrugs 4×15-20

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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