The Mike Mentzer Tapes 3 (Bodybuilding Nutrition)

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There have been many audio tapes featuring Mike Mentzer over the years.

In the early 1980’s Mike released two tapes:

Heavy Duty Seminar – This covered the theory and logic of his Heavy Duty high intensity training method.

The Ultimate Look – Diet and nutrition information for gaining muscle mass and also getting ripped.

Then is the early 1990’s Muscle Media magazine did three Mike Mentzer Interview cassettes, the first two had Bill Phillips doing the interview, and the third one had TC Luoma asking the questions.

Finally in the mid 1990’s Mike teamed up with All Natural Muscular Development magazine and released Mike Mentzer’s New Advanced High Intensity Training Program: The Secrets to Building Muscle In Minutes, this was a package of four cassettes and a small booklet. The four tapes covered the following:

1. Logical Path to Successful Bodybuilding

2. Fundamentals of Muscular Development

3. Bodybuilding Nutrition

4. Mentzer the man the controversy.

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