IS BODYBUILDING A SKILL | Fouad Abiad, Ben Chow, Nick Walker & Guy Cisternino | Bro Chat #65

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Fouad Abiad, Nick Walker, Ben Chow and Guy Cisternino discuss whether Bodybuilding is a skill or not in Bro Chat #65

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Manscaped Ad

01:30 – Intro, Olympia comparisons.

14:31 – Best most muscular of all time.

21:15 – Guy’s merch. Shawn Rhoden tribute hat.

26:33 – Which one do you pick to fight with you?

40:44 – Guy vs Fouad, The Arnold’s.

49:43 – Describe each others first impression, traveling, guest posing.

55:40 – Being flexible, balance.

1:08:16 – Is bodybuilding a skill? (argument of the day lol)

1:25:52 – Fav offseason meal.

1:30:05 – Milk or Cereal first.

1:32:46 – Hardest battle mentally in bbing.

1:50:11 – Biggest pet peeves from fans.

1:54:28 – Not being able to compete until you’re 18.

1:57:08 – What came first?

1:59:56 – Which podcast member will create the most wins?

2:04:50 – The biggest shit you ever took.

2:07:38 – Do all the podcast members numbers add up to Ben’s?

2:11:46 – Would you rather…

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