The Best Bodybuilding Carbs Sources For Muscle Growth

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The Best Bodybuilding Carbs For Muscle Growth

What are the best sources of carbohydrates for muscle growth and fat loss?

Most people way over-complicate the issue of bodybuilding carbohydrate selection, when in reality it’s very simple and straightforward.

When it all comes down to it, all carbohydrate sources are ultimately broken down into the simplest form of glucose which is then used to provide fuel for your muscles and brain.

In this respect, it is true that “a carb is a carb” since the end product is always the same.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can just stuff yourself with cookies, cake and donuts all day long and expect to optimize your muscle building/fat loss results and overall health.

This is because although the carbohydrates themselves always end up as glucose, the different foods they’re “packaged up” in are not equal in terms of nutritional value.

Certain sources are going to be higher in fiber and will be more micronutrient dense, whereas others may offer next to nothing of additional nutrition.

For that reason, the “best bodybuilding carbs” are still going to be what are generally considered as “clean whole foods”, as these foods will provide you with the vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber needed to maximize your health and body composition.

Some examples include things like fruits, vegetables, oats, potatoes, yams, rice, whole grains, quinoa, legumes, pasta, pita and low-fat dairy products.

In terms of practical guidelines, here’s what I’d simply recommend when choosing your sources of carbs for bulking…

Selecting Your Carbs For Muscle Growth – 3 Guidelines:

1) Get the majority of your carbohydrate intake (about 80-90%) from minimally refined whole food sources like the ones mentioned above in order to meet your fiber and micronutrient needs for the day.

2) Of that 80-90%, get in 2 servings of vegetables and 1-2 servings of fruit per day .

3) As long as you’ve followed steps 1 and 2, you can fill in the remaining 10-20% of your intake with whatever carbohydrate sources you prefer as long as they fit your overall macros/calories for the day. Since your nutritional needs will already be met at this point, fitting in some of your favorite “treat foods” will make your diet more enjoyable to stick to without compromising your results.

When it comes to bodybuilding carbs selection, that’s really all there is to it and there’s no need to complicate it further.

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